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Rural Tourism of Southern Khorasan- KHOOR

The Name of the Village: Khoor
Khoor village is located 85 km away from west of Birjand and is located in the margin of Birjand-Kerman road. The existence of architectural valuable heritages such as historical and unique texture together with the castles, towers, ancient mosques and different kinds of windcatchers has brought about a beautiful historical landscape for this village. Meanwhile, being placed in the margin of Lut Desert is regarded as another advantage.
Province: Southern Khorasan
Address: Southern Khorasan, Birjand County, Khoosf District, the Central Rural District, located in 50 kilometers northwest at a thousand guz(gaz) of Khoosf, Khoosf Route to Tabas
The Nearest City: Khoosf City at a distance of 50 km of Khoor Village
The Nearest Village: Noghab Khoor, Aliabad and Sarvabad
Attraction Type: Cultural - historic attractions
Climate of the Region: Hot and dry desert
Area of the Region: The area of this village with its cultivated land is over 300 hectares.
Topography of the Region: 1200 meters high
Vegetation of the region: Plants of the desert region (Haloxylon (saxaul), Zygophyllaceae , Artemisia aucheri, Calligonum Comosum, Tamarix (salt cedar) and Acanthophyllum)
Water Sources: 5 established Qanat, Seasonal rivers around the village (One Parasang River (yek farsakhi), Pyshteh, Mian Sahra, Kalateh Sheikh, Pair River (Joft River), Salt Marsh, Rahvar River)
Infrastructure of the Province:
• Distance to the of Center of the Province: 85 km to Birjand
• Distance to the Center of the City: 85 km to Birjand
• Distance to the Nearest Airport: 85 km to Birjand Airport
• Distance to the Nearest Railway Station: 550 km to Mashhad Railway Station


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