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The Garden and Large Building of Amir-abad

The Garden and Large Building of “Amir-abad”

The garden and large building of “Amir-abad” is located in the Amir-abad village, 5 km. , to the west of the city of Birjand. The elements of the complex consist of a garden, building and servants headquarters. The garden has streets to all sides of the building. The Main construction is situated in the center of the garden and consists of two floors and has a plan of eight ribs, which its entrance is on the eastern side and then there are stairs at the front of the entrance. There is a corridor to the water pond house at the center of the building. The upper floor was the king’s residence with a cross form, which has a doorway and windows in a semicircle form. The appearance of the construction has been decorated with brick in geometrical figures. There are many types of herbaceous like pines, cypress trees, plane trees, barberry, and different species of pistachio, fig trees, jujube trees etc. can be found. The garden and the large building of “Amir-abad” were built in the “Qajar” era and were registered on the national list of Cultural Heritage with serial number of “1969


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