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Hemmat Abad Desert
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Hemmat Abad Desert

Hemmat Abad Desert: Distance to Birjand 240 km
Hemmatabad desert (also known as Rig-e Ahangaran and Petregan) is located in geographical area specified by the longitude of 600 34 E and the latitude of 33o 35 N to 33o 17 N in Southern Khorasan Province near the border with Afghanistan and Petregan playa. The name of the sabulous is based on Hemmatabad village in the south. The village is located 150 km away from Qaenat County and 65 km away from Zirkooh city in Southern Khorasan Province. This sabulous is bounded on the north by Hajiabad city and river, on the south by Hemmatabad village and Gozokht desert, on the east by Petregan playa and on the west by Kuh Mirza Arab mountains and Tajnud. This area is one the richest and most active desert ecosystems in terms of plant and animal vegetation and diversity in Iran. The region's animal coverage includes desert birds such as Houbara Bustard, Podoces pleskei, falcon, Lark, Muscicapa striata and different kinds of snakes, scorpion, cat, sand fox, wolf, caracal, Gazella bennettii, Agma, Joko and so on
Location: Hemmat Abad village is located at 140 km east of Zirkouh city and about 50 km of Haji Abad city which is near the great sabulous of Qaenat; the camping is constructing at a distance of 2 km.
Aptitudes and possibilities of the region:
Great barrier of Haji Abad with high water volume and recreational facilities
Beautiful plain of Esfeden and rich plant and animal ecology
Shaskouh highland heights, Zirkouh and Ahangaran with attractive routes of climbing and rock climbing and spectacular caves, wildlife and preserve
Sabulous and abundant dunes, rich ecosystem and special animals of desert, holding of desert safari, desert trekking, and excursion tours in desert, etc.
Domestic and wild herds of camels and cameleering possibility
Participation of native communities with tribal life and interesting traditions and participation of the most prominent desert trekkers of Iran
Unique souvenir of barberry and saffron
Tajnoud summer village with beautiful waterfalls and rivers at 10 km of the desert
Abandoned village in sand field with spa for camp construction
Important historical monuments such as Buzarjomehr Tomb, old fort of Qaen, and the Great Mosque
Beautiful barchan in desert dunes of Ahangaran for holding tours, desert trekking, car rally, and safari

کویر برخان سافاری
کویر برخان سافاری
کویر برخان سافاری همت آباد
کویر برخان سافاری همت آباد
کویر برخان سافاری همت آباد
کویر برخان سافاری همت آباد

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